HMCstock warranty

All the electronic devices sold on this website are pre-owned. offers 6 month warranty in Europe for all electronic devices sold on the website.

The after-sale and pre-sale customer support is based in Europe and it is managed entirely via e-mail [email protected]

IMPORTANT: The client is obliged to contact our customer service before utilizing any of our technical services assistance and reparation. Any product or package sent to our facilities without the Return Material Authorization will not be accepted.

The customer service is active from Monday to Friday 8AM – 5PM and answers to all received emails and enquires in their arrival order. We commit to answering to every request in the shortest time possible and we ensure that every request is being handled in less than 48 working hours.

What does my warranty include? offers its warranty and repair services exclusively for devices purchased on our website, that can be verified through the order number and the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) or serial number.

The warranty covers only malfunctions presented by a regular use of the product, i.e. factory defects.

The warranty is not applicable to products that present:

  • external damage and/or defects such as damage caused by misuse and accidents (unintended falls, bumps, burns etc.)
  • internal damage caused by water or other liquids
  • improper or unauthorized repairs (open devices, lack of or damaged labels and seals etc.)
  • malfunction due to installations of unofficial firmware
  • damages due to improper electric voltage

Returns Policy

The client has the right to return the purchased products within 14 days of the date of receiving the item. The client must inform our customer service team by sending an email to [email protected].

An RMA module will be provided that must be included inside the package together with the product. To qualify for a refund the returned product(s) must be in original conditions, not physically broken or damaged. If the product is devalued in any way, caused by an improper use of the client (damaged, scratched, missing the original accessories, product altered or modified in any way etc.), reserves the right to reimburse the client only partially.

The shipping costs, in this case, must be covered by the client and the product must be shipped with tracked delivery services no later than 7 days of having informed us on the withdrawal of the contract. will do its best to reimburse the client in the shortest time possible. Refunds will be processed and paid within 30 days of our receipt of the product.

DOA (Dead On Arrival)

Products received by the client which are dead on arrival, do not function or have been broken from the exact moment when the client received them are considered DOA. In these particular cases, the client must inform us via mail ([email protected]) about the malfunction of the product within 24 hours of receiving the product.

Beyond this term, the product will not be treated as DOA but as regular after-sale support and assistance. will collect the package at its own expense and if the malfunction is encountered by our tech team, the product will be replaced as soon as possible, without any extra expense for the client.

Similarly, in case of accessories or other items missing in the package (charger, cell phone etc.) the client must inform our customer service [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving the product.

Likewise, any irregularity or defect of the product, for example, broken screen etc. must be reported within 24h of receiving the package.

Technical assistance and reparations

The technical assistance services are carried out in Europe. As for the repairs, these are carried out in Europe in one of our laboratories as well, and in some special cases, when the repairs require it, the products could be shipped to China to be repaired in the parent factory.

Every product in our service center is properly registered and forwarded to our technicians that according to the client’s instructions, will test the product to verify the reported malfunction. If the problem is encountered, the technicians will repair the software and/or hardware, making the device completely functional.

After having examined the device, our technicians will communicate a cost estimation that the client can accept or decline in a short period of time. In the case of not having received the client’s answer, we will preserve the device at no cost for the first three months and we will send a maximum of three reminder emails. At the end of the three months and after the third email reminder, the client will be charged a stock inventory fee of 1€ per day for the following three months. After that period of time, will not be responsible for the custody and care of the device.


The technical assistance costs vary according to the type of intervention that needs to be carried out.

  • Assistance/reparation under warranty:the shipping costs to our assistance center are borne by the client while operating costs, reparation, and shipping costs (from our service center back to the client) are borne by 
  • Assistance/reparation out of warranty: the shipping costs to our assistance center, as well as the operating costs, reparation and shipping costs (from our service center back to the client) are all borne by the client.
  • If after the testing from our technicians the reported malfunction is not encountered, any operation and shipping costs have to be handled by the client.

Repair time

Repairs are completed in the shortest possible time, on average 10-20 days starting from the date when we receive the device. In some particular cases, the waiting period can be slightly longer, however, it will not exceed 60 days starting from the date when we receive the device.