HMCstock buy used

Used products are less expensive

Buying anything used (except antiques) is less expensive than the new alternative. Used item can cost you up to 50% cheaper! So you can (pick one): save twice the money, or buy twice the stuff.

Used products don’t require new resources

Every manufactured product is responsible for a certain amount of resources consumed – from farming cotton, clearcutting forests, mining for metals etc. Anything made of plastic is produced from oil pumped from the Earth. The metals in cell phones, jewelry, computers, all must be scraped out of the planet, with horrible environmental consequences. Luckily, there’s an alternative – used items don’t require any new resources to be consumed.

Used products don’t generate pollution

The growing and producing of items pumps a lot of pollution into the environment – including toxic chemicals, pesticides, and carbon emissions.

Used products don’t have packaging

When you buy almost any new product, it comes with some kind of packaging – plastic hard casing, shrink wrap, cardboard box, styrofoam pellets, etc. The packaging materials, along with the actual product, use energy and resources to create. It can be really difficult to find a way to recycle all that packaging, or even more annoying, to have to throw it away. 

Why to buy used products in HMCstock?

  • Reliable 

All our accurately tested products are in great working condition. Furthermore, we offer 6 months warranty on all items sold on with service center in Europe.

  • Cosmetic condition

Our products present minimum cosmetic imperfections, such as scratches and scruffs. Most of them are graded A or B and go with full kit original accessories.

  • Recent models

We sell used items, not old ones. Buying pre-owned items on, you may be sure you get a last generation product, meeting the high requirements of energy consumption and having characteristics according to the current needs of the market of electrical goods