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E-waste now makes up 5% of all municipal solid waste worldwide, nearly the same amount as all plastic packaging, but it is more hazardous.

E-waste has a negative impact on our environment and is putting pressure on limited landfill capacity around the world. Electronic technology includes toxic and harmful materials that requires mining in conditions, often dangerous for life.

Treating e-waste correctly will help minimise pollution, protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. 

In response to the accumulating waste across Europe, HMCstock is posing the initiative to purchase broken robot vacuum cleaners in order to repair and refurbish them and sell to the eco responsible customers, willing to get a great working machine for a significally reduced price. 

Being specialised in Xiaomi brand, we will gladly consider your application about selling a broken or just used Xiaomi or Viomi Robot vacuum cleaner, in good/excellent cosmetic condition and complete of all original accessories. 

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